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In early 2000, I started my first acreage service company, servicing residential septic systems. I was surprised when I was first asked to pump out a water cistern, when I was finished with pumping out their septic system.

Lonny Johnson, Owner and President, Alpine Water WorksFrom time to time I would receive the same request. I would respond that it would not be a “healthy” idea. I was right, but that didn’t resolve their problem.

I knew that just pumping out their cistern with a conventional pump was not the answer, as that would remove the water, but not the sludge on the floor and walls. I also knew that the proper procedure would be a vacuum and pressure-washer system, combined with a sanitizing process. This would need to be installed in a unit totally dedicated for potable water. I thought about it often and liked the idea, but I was very busy with my (then) current business.

Years later, having sold that business, I knew exactly what I wanted to do next. Clean water cisterns.

It has proven to be an excellent decision; the system that I designed is working very efficiently with only a few modifications.

Over the past few years, we have had the opportunity to clean, sanitize and repair all types of water storage facilities, ranging from 100 Gallon cisterns in a home to a 2.5 Million Gallon water reservoir in a growing community.

Alpine Water Works is a unique company in a unique market. I derive a lot of satisfaction in taking an idea and seeing it become successful. I enjoy people, I enjoy the service industry. In creating a business that combines the two, I can offer my customers true value.

– Lonny Johnson, Owner and President, Alpine Water Works


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