What People Are Saying About Our Waste Water Service:

“I seldom, actually have never before, written a testimonial for a company however, in this case the people and service were outstanding and I wanted to inform the public so that others might also benefit.

My wife and I live on a 2-acre parcel in Water Valley about 30 minutes north of Cochrane and 50 minutes from the NW city limits of Calgary. It is frequently tough to get service companies to make trek out here and I often get “attitude” when I ask. I’m also quite old‐fashioned in expecting a company to want to please a customer wherever they are located. Lonny Johnson and Alaina Crook of Alpine Water Works, despite the considerable distance separating Okotoks (Alpine’s base) and Water Valley, responded to my request to have our septic system inspected with speed, professionalism and compassion when I explained that we were listing our house and needed quick assistance. They gave the request top priority and were in Water Valley that same evening!
Knowledgeable, professional, pleasurable old‐time service. I highly recommend Alpine Water Works of Okotoks, Alberta.

Randolph J. Rice, PhD, PGeol.
Water Valley, Alberta”

“Thank you very much for taking care of our septic issues so quickly. The service techs you dispatched were great to work with and very professional. They answered all our questions. Also they didn’t leave when they were finished, they left when they made sure I was satisfied with the job. Big Difference !!” – Lauchlan and Tracy

“Your guys were great and I truly appreciate your company’s integrity — so many companies now a days do not stand behind their warranty.  Appreciate it!”

“I am very satisfied your work and so appreciated that you handle the work and completed. Thanks, John Jeong”

“I was referred to Alpine Waterworks by the company that installed our septic system.  Of course, it was a panic call for help.  Lonny fit us into his very busy schedule and was very diligent and conscientious in tracking done the problem with our unhappy septic system.  He took the time to explain what he found and how he corrected the problem.We are extremely happy with the quality of his work and with his work ethic.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who has a septic system problem.  Thank you very much for your assistance, Lonny!!” Sincerely, Deborah (Debbie) Turgeon


What People Are Saying About Our Commercial Cistern Cleaning Service:

Thanks for taking the time to help me out…….I just became your biggest supporter in the Priddis area – George


Hi Nikki and Lonny. I just want to say that I am really impressed with your staff that came and looked after me when I had my septic problems. The boys were excellent. They go above and beyond. They were very polite and obliging. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your company any time. Thank you very much for your great service


Attn: Lonny Johnson

Recently we needed to drain our cistern to perform plumbing repairs.  Since the cistern was going to be empty it was an ideal time to have it cleaned.  I wasn’t sure if our cistern needed cleaning or not but once it was empty it was quite apparent that it really needed to be cleaned.  The inside walls and floor of the cistern were completely black and to be honest, I thought they were supposed to be.  I thought that was just the colour of the inside of the cistern.

When Lonny completed the cleaning procedure, I had a look inside the cistern and I couldn’t believe how clean it became.  The walls of the cistern are now white, a dramatic improvement to say the least.

Lonny has a new, very well equipped truck that is specially outfitted to perform cistern cleaning.

Lonny also provides “before and after” digital photos so the customer can rest assured that he or she is getting their money’s worth.

Lonny is also known in the community as a perfectionist and I highly recommend Lonny to anyone who will be in need of having their cistern cleaned.

Gerry Mey
Vice President
Shanahan’s Manufacturing Limited


Attn: Lonny Johnson

RE: Cleaning and disinfection of the Upland Aspen Reservoir

I wished to comment on the performance of yourself and your crew in completing this job.  I realize at 2,000,000 gallons the scope of work was much larger than the usual cistern.  This certainly did not affect the competence and professionalism of your work.

Your crew was prompt, competent, and most importantly, safe.  You had safety programs and procedures in place and followed them.  Your equipment was new, well maintained and reliable.

This is a service I had been looking for to free up our crews for construction specific tasks.  Your pricing has proved to be fair and I hope to continue our association on future contracts.

Glenn Archer
Mechanical Supervisor
Tritech Group



Thank you for your service, your attention to detail, your quality workmanship and the amount of heart you put into your project with us.  I feel like you took care of our business like it was your own!  You are absolutely fantastic!  I look forward to building a stronger business relationship over the years.

Christine Buhr
Shakers Family Fun Centre


To Whom It May Concern:

We highly recommend Lonny Johnson and his company, Alpine Water Works, of Okotoks, Alberta,  for all professional works involving cistern cleaning and potable water.  The Sikh Society of Calgary recently hired Alpine Water Works and received outstanding service in the cleaning /disinfection of the cisterns as well as the entire water distribution system in the building.  We were pleased with his personal yet professional approach in restoring our water systems.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Jarnail Singh Clair
Sr. Vice President
Sikh Society, Calgary


To Whom It May Concern,

To describe the work of Lonny Johnson I would use the terms diligence, persistence and honesty.

Lonny had been recommended by Aaron Drilling to clean and sterilize our cistern and water system after we had a report of chloroform in our water.  First he thoroughly cleaned the cistern manually.  Then to sterilize the lines he wanted to use a biodegradable product which would be environmentally friendly and protect the necessary bacteria in the septic tank.  Knowing that this product is not commonly used for tank sterilization Lonny was prepared to do extra work to give it a fair trial.  After a period of time and a number of water tests that Lonny organized himself, it appeared that the new product wasn’t completely effective.  Lonny then, at his own expense, had the cistern totally flushed and the lines sterilized with the standard bleach product.  Again, he took the water samples and had them tested, this time with a completely clean result.

We were very impressed with Lonny’s concern for our water and the health of our septic system and amazed at the lengths he went to ensure that our water was safe.  We are very happy with his work and recommend him highly for any cistern or septic issues.

Cheri Andrews
Chinook Honey Company


To Whom It May Concern:

Late summer of 2007 our water cistern at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Cochrane failed a sample test, due to contaminated ground infiltration.  I was referred to Alpine Water Works for repairs to the tank.  Lonny Johnson responded very quickly and undertook the task of repairs in a very timely fashion and at a reasonable cost.  I would recommend Alpine Water Works to anyone with cistern problems.

Warren Davidson


Dear Lonny,

You have good equipment, good skills and you leaned backwards to provide good service, through your versatility we’ve probably gained a temporary solution to our silt problem. We look forward to your service in the Spring to clean out and disinfect our 18000-gallon cistern.

Thank You,

Joseph A Mercier
Windrift Ranches


What People Are Saying About Our Residential Cistern Cleaning Service:


Dear Lonny

Lonny Johnson of Alpine Water Works fixed my cistern over the Christmas holidays (December 2006). He saw to it that we had water while the work was being done. He started early and worked late. He produced an excellent final product. He phoned back a few days later to make sure everything was working properly and that I was happy with the job. I am happy with the job and I recommend Alpine Water Works to anyone who needs their water cistern fixed.

Sincerely, Jo Brewer


Dear Mr. Johnson,

We would like to commend you on the excellent job you did in cleaning my 1000 gallon and 10,000 gallon cisterns.  The before and after photos clearly show tremendous improvement after you completed this job.  We are also very impressed with the way you left our home in perfect condition after moving your hoses in and out.

I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who asks.

Very Best Regards, Harry & Irma Isaac


To Whom It May Concern:

I recently contacted Alpine Water Works to evaluate and fix a problem which developed on my water system.  The work was performed efficiently and the problem identified.  Remedial action was recommended which proved effective.  I was very pleased with the follow up service and would not hesitate in recommending this experienced company for any cistern related problem you may have.

Kent Wallace


Thank for cleaning our water storage tank.  You provide a great service.

Jeannie Remington


Dear Lonny,

You have good equipment, good skills and you leaned over backward to provide good service.  Through your versatility we’ve probably gained a temporary solution to our silt problem.

We look forward to your service in the spring to clean out and disinfect our 18,000-gallon cistern.

Thank You, Joseph A. Mercier Windrift Ranches

Your company’s prompt attention to my water problem and courteous service was much appreciated! – Frances


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