Frequently Asked Questions – Waste Water Systems

Why does my system need to be inspected and serviced every year?

As with any engineered system, such as your car, your onsite wastewater system will work better and last longer if it is regularly maintained by a qualified service provider. With this preventive maintenance and periodic inspections, your onsite wastewater system should function well for decades. You’ll save on water, energy and costly pump-outs and repairs, too!

Will my household be affected by the service appointment? Will my water be turned off?

No, there won’t be any disruptions to your household.


Do I need to be present during the service visit?

No. Most of our clients are not present during the service visit. You will receive a phone call if there any issues to be discussed and an invoice will be emailed to you.


What if repairs are needed?

Alpine Water Works is authorized by the manufacturer to complete all necessary repairs for your system.


Does my system need to be pumped out for each annual service visit?

We will record all necessary information and inform you when your system will require pumping. On average, wastewater system owners are on a 3-5 year schedule for pumping services.


What happens if I choose not to have my system maintained?

Over time, sludge builds up in the bottom of the septic tank and needs to be cleaned out when it reaches a certain level, otherwise your system will back-up or fail. We check and record the levels and status of the system to prevent these potential future problems. Issues with your septic system are smelly, aggravating and put the environment and health of your family and others at risk. Bacteria and viruses can spread by contaminating ground water, which could then contaminate local wells and drinking water.

The minimal amount of preventative maintenance that septic systems require costs very little, in comparison to the costs of extensive emergency repairs or replacing the entire system!



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